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Thursday, Work and a Show

MomodressI’m in the Ureshii Momo dress. I love this dress; mine’s in navy merino.

I love Ureshii and I should let my clothing budget fill up so I can buy a bunch of stuff from them. The care they take in making each garment is noticeable and the fit is always really good. Also, their twitter account is adorable.

I’m also wearing my cashmere cape–I had it drycleaned as soon as I discovered the extent of the moth problem and have not had it out of the sealed plastic since. It looks fine, though. I may have taken the 58 degrees in December forecast a little too optimistically, however, in not bringing a coat. Hopefully, I won’t be too cold this evening. We’re going to the Shakespeare tonight.

Still not risking heels. I don’t have a good rotation of flat shoes, but at least I have a couple cute ones, like the Fluevog Adrian Alli.



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