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Wednesday and the Rest

I worked from home on Wednesday and then went out with friends. I had planned to wear the Constellation dress, but for various reasons, I wore the Betabrand get-your-shift-together, leggings and short boots.

P1030897On Thursday, I took the day off and then went out with the same friends. I wore the textured leggings with a short stretch mini skirt and a black turtleneck. With my Disconium bolero!

Friday, I went out yet again! I got my hair cut, ran errands and then went to a nearby bar for snacks with some folks. I have completely forgotten what I wore for any of those activities.

Saturday and Sunday, I stayed in. I did chores, mostly, among other things finally attempting to repair what moth-damage I could handle (sadly, not much).

I did some tidying in the sewing room and suspect I won’t get any more sewing done until the new year.


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