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Last Week was All Holiday

Well, not really, but I spent most of it working from home or on holiday. For Thanksgiving at my parents’, I wore a nau merino t-shirt, leggings and the Eileen Fisher cashmere sweater dress, but mostly I was not wearing the dress, cause I was cooking and it was warm and just family.

Friday, I stood in line for four hours in the rain and wind for beer. I was under-dressed and cold but I was successful.

Saturday, we took a walk around the neighborhood and I wore the Betabrand Get Your Shift Together dress.

liningSunday, I finished the Constellation dress. Here it is, beautifully pinned before I screwed up the armhole finishing by rushing it. If I were diligent, I’d re-do them.

The instructions for setting the lining seemed . . . half-assed, like how I’d guess you were supposed to do it if I’d never made a lined garment before. You pin the lining to the jacket at the shoulder seams and then turn under an edge and then slipstich it to the facing. I used a blind stitch and honestly don’t remember whether the instructions said to use. I’ll have to check when I get home.

I ended up hemming the jacket by machine, which was lazy but looks fine. My sleeve caps are no better nor worse than any sleeve cap I’ve ever set and I probably could have gotten away with the jacket in the smaller size (it’s a McCalls “Adjust for you” pattern–an early version of a multi-size pattern with cutting lines and fit instructions for two sizes).

In all, the pattern was successful and I am mostly happy with my work.



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