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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike


I babysat on Friday, in my Ureshii Leia hoodie, Camuto leggings and the Born boots which did not handle the slushy, messy, wet snowfall in the slightest.

Saturday, I stayed home all day while the spouse embarked on an epic 24-hour journey to his parents’ house. Sunday, I went to the Zoe Keating show in the Leith tube skirt (which I wore on Thursday, firmly establishing that I always wear new clothes a minimum of two times in the first 7 days I own them), a very long cotton t-shirt (in a dark mossy green), and the Trouve coated sweater. I wore real boots, but still had to walk in the road to navigate sidewalks that property owners had not cleared. Fortunately, my calf is doing pretty well.

ConstellationhemI hemmed the constellation dress and constructed the body of the jacket. I did not get to the sleeves nor the lining. I’m not entirely sure how the lining is going to work, as the sewing instructions had me install and finish the facings before putting on the sleeves or inserting the lining. Between songs at the concert, I found myself distracted, trying to work it out in my head.

I am, naturally, second guessing my choice to make the body in the print and the sleeves in the solid, but it’s done now. The suit should be ready to wear next week though!



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