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I took a four day weekend for no reason other than I could.

BlackCanarybootsI went out on Friday with some friends for a post-halloween party, wearing my Debbie Harry as Black Canary costume again.

I also made up a muslin for McCall 7552 (from 1963 or 4), which is a slightly flared sleeveless shift dress. The prior owner had graded the skirt into a more pronounced A-line and I followed her lead.

1964McCall7552On Sunday, I cut and stitched up the dress in a glow in the dark constellation print quilting cotton. I got as far as putting in the zipper. It was a quick sew, but now I have to do the finishings–facings, hem.

To my surprise, I discovered that I have almost enough leftover to make up the jacket as well. I’ll get to that shortly because I don’t have anything for the jacket lining. Also, I can’t decide whether to use the print as the lining and make the jacket in a solid or vice versa. I’m afraid the print might be a bit much for both the jacket and the lining.


Timeless Treasures Glow In The Dark Constellations Midnight purchased at

Timeless Treasures Glow In The Dark Constellations Midnight purchased at

I am quite happy with the it so far. Not only was it quick and easy, but the fit was quite good without much tweaking, beyond following the unknown seamstress’ suggested hip line. There’s a bust dart and waist darts in the front and back, but no sleeves, so it’s not a terribly complicated dress. Very cute, though, I may make it up in a wine colored crepe I have in the stash as a work dress.

I used the “baste the back closed and stitch the zipper in over the seam” method and it seems to have worked well. The jacket may be trickier than the dress; we’ll see. It will have to wait until I get an alternate fabric, in case I decide it’s better to do the jacket in a solid and use what’s left of the constellations for the lining.



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