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Thursday, Wind and Chill

Yesterday was a work from home day, although I did get dressed to go to the gym (leggings and a t-shirt). I pulled the H&M tube skirt on over the leggings to pick up my drycleaning afterward. It was all very schlubby.

Today, I am wearing my exciting new Betabrand dress. I was a little concerned that the apparently-correct size would be too tight and certain that the next size up would be shapeless. The apparently-correct size fits well and looks cute.


The zippers are a bit stiff and the loops in the pockets are obviously intended for a much bigger phone than I will ever own, but the pockets themselves are awesome. I’ve got a Smartwool t-shirt  and some leggings (with cool stitching details that don’t show up in pictures) under it. Still in flat shoes, which means I’m running out of shoes to rotate through.

Linus & I had to fight against serious wind to get to work but were not treated to gorgeous waves. Otherwise, today looks to be a good one, although my calf may well be sore tomorrow.


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