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Monday, Trying to Return to the Rhythm of Things

Crocs Alice WorkI rode Linus in a red-flag-wind-advisory this morning and it was hard. It seems that, for now, it’s cycling or shoes, but not both. So I lasted about 20 feet in my heels and am back in the horrible croc mary janes.

I’m wearing the grey Eileen Fisher wool skirt with the black cotton Kenneth Cole turtleneck with wrist ribbons.


Striped nau merino t-shirt, destroyed by moths (the other side is even worse).

Over the past few weeks, we’ve determined that there are clothes moths in the house. I washed everything in my closets that could be washed and locked the other things in a trunk with pesticide. When I pulled out the trunk and sorted the laundry, I discovered one completely ruined shirt and several things with one small hole (including the St John cashmere turtleneck–thankfully, the cape is untouched–and the one vintage St John skirt).


Bins for the closet, with tags listing what’s inside each box. Lavender sachets inside, muslin strips with lavender oil outside.

I spent the weekend rubbing cedar oil into the baseboards of my closets, making lavender sachets, soaking bits of muslin in lavender oil, inspecting my clothes and vacuuming. I’ve purchased plastic drawer bins for the closet shelves and found some clothes bags. The most beloved (and least worn) St Johns and other things will now live in the cedar chest in the spare room. I’m not quite finished washing, inspecting, sorting and re-storing, but I’m close. It’s maddening.

I still have not sorted the blankets and I’m worried that Spouse’s lovely wool rugs are infested.


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