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Another Weekend

I’m still not really mobile. We went to the gym (I did some arm work and sat in the steam room, massaging the injured calf) and sat in the sun in the yard, but once again, I mostly sat on my butt, playing video games.

Style2753I worked a little on Style 2753, which I’m making from a cotton lawn. It’s definitely a spring dress, but I’ve had this fabric forever and I picked up the pattern for $5. I cut it and sewed in the underlining, pieced the back and the front, but did not get to the sleeves, zipper or neckline. I’ve been trying to be very careful and not half-ass any of the steps. Finish the seams carefully, use interfacing where it says to, very carefully transfer pattern markings, iron at every single step. I think it will be lovely.

So does Mr. Ban.

banThe cats had left me alone for most of the time I was working, allowing me to use my sewing table as an actual sewing table, instead of a lounging area for sleeping cats. Eventually, they did come to see what I was doing. The dress is coming together quickly–I’m getting better at easing the concave part of a princess seam into the convex part of a princess seam. I am expecting the armscye to fit poorly, but I’m not fussing with it. I’m considering this method for inserting the zipper, as I’ve often wondered if/why you can’t baste the seam closed before entering the zipper.

capeOver the weekend, I also looked through my patterns, to choose which cape I’ll make with the faux leopard and which shift dress to make from the flower print jersey (McCall’s 8337 from 1966, Simplicity 8682 from 1970, Simplicity 8114 from 1969).

I’m surprisingly excited about the cape, despite a lifelong distaste for animal prints. I have no idea why. For now, I’m leaning toward using the McCall pattern (on the right of the photo). Both patterns are the wrong size–the Marian Martin is slightly large; the McCall too small. A toile will be necessary to see if the too small needs to be made larger and whether that can be done easily at the seams (ease in vintage patterns is usually more generous than modern ones. I don’t know if it’s just the style or the abundance of stretch fibers in modern fabrics). It’s not a fitted garment and is the shoulders fit, it should be fine.



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