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Wednesday, Out of Commission

I wore the polka dot dress to an afternoon meeting, came home, changed into Disconium Prime (which needs some taking apart and putting back together), met up with some friends for shenanigans and at a very early point in the evening ripped a calf muscle.

aircast bootMy kind friends got me home; my lovely spouse got me to my doctor, and I’ve since been mostly lying in bed in yoga pants, t-shirt and a stylish aircast boot.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to ride Linus again and that has me very grumpy indeed.

In other news, Disconium Prime is great, albeit in need of slight correction. I used 1971’s Simplicity 9645, red satin and the dicsonium. I had to make the darts deeper as it was a little loose when I tried it on and there are the problems with the zipper and the lining. All of that is negligible in the wearing, but the hemming is a has job. The binding I used it too stiff, so I’ll need to take it out and re-hem the thing.

That would be a great use of my time when I can’t really stand or walk around, wouldn’t it?



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