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I spent most of the weekend working on a disconium sewing project, which was going really well, until I started to get impatient. So now it’s half-great and half-rushed. I can’t decide how I feel about it, but assuming I get it hemmed in the next two days, I’ll be wearing it this week.

zipI did a lapped zipper, which started out well, but fell apart for a couple reasons. The major reason was how uneven the lining was–a result of hastily cutting slippery lining fabric, as well as ignoring grainlines to squeeze the whole lining out of a piece of fabric a hair too short. The other problem is the nature of disconium–it does not iron crisply and it does not recover from pins. You can carefully tape it with painter’s tape or other easily-removable masking tape, which I did. The right side went in pretty smoothly (although I had to take out the basting stitches and try again because of the wonky lining and the second pinning was not as good) but the lapped (left) side did not. In the end I have three lines of stitching around the zipper (one right and two left). They’re not terribly visible, but it’s annoying.

The shifting size of the lining pattern pieces meant that I could not construct the dress as intended. You’re supposed to fit the lining to the dress and stitch along the hemline, turning the lining to the inside and finishing the hem in the process. But the lining pieces were too uneven in length, so I fit the lining and stitched at the collar, eliminating that facing, but leaving me with an arduous hemming process. In retrospect, I should have not bothered with the lining. The fabrics used did not really need the lining (they’re smooth and hang well on their own weight, not sheer and the seams finished neatly on their own) and the lining screwed me up with both the zipper and the hem.

However, since it’s essentially a costume (that is, a silly garment that I’ll never wear outside of bars, nightclubs or themed events, I’m trying not to be too annoyed with the parts that went wrong. Only a person inspecting the lining will notice where it does not line up properly and only that person will notice the wacky hem job. The extra stitching at the zipper is obvious, but only if you’re looking for it. I’m hoping the shiny dazzle of Disconium will hide all the sins.

I did go out with friends on Sunday to a tiki bar, in the H&M hibiscus print dress and a feather flower in my hair. So much fun. So much.

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