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Tuesday, Sweating Buckets

My schedule is all messed up (and Linus is still making that noise) and it’s hot. Well, mostly it’s very humid and hotter than I want it to be. At any rate, I’ve been riding the bus a lot today. Which is not my favorite thing ever, but I’m enjoying the novel I’m reading (Jam on the Vine by LaShonda Barnett) so I’m trying not to mind too much.

Today, I’m wearing the Gap ponte pencil skirt and the Halogen white linen/modal t-shirt. I should probably have picked up this shirt in some other colors as well–it’s a bit transparent (definitely need a thick camisole with the white one!) but it drapes nicely. Don’t know that it’s flattering, don’t know that I care.

I’m so tried of wearing shoes without socks (my feet really can’t handle it all of a sudden) so I’m wearing my stupid flat mary janes.


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