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Sunday, Not Been Paying Attention

I’ve not been paying close attention to what I’m wearing. I’ve been working from home and doing a lot of sewing. I did wear the polka dot dress to a meeting, and some gym clothes to the gym, and the linen pants I wish were more comfortable or more flattering on the hottest day we’ve yet had this year (which we spent cleaning out my parents’ garage).

I wore the Merchant Mill’s trapeze dress and got lunch on it. I washed it and the spots came clean, but I discovered the flaws in my finishing of the dress. Every seam frayed significantly in the wash. I had, of course, run a line of stitching at every edge, but it really was not enough–each seam not finished with binding is a bit of a mess. I pinned binding to the neck facing, but have not yet stitched it down. I should unpick the sleeve hems and bind those as well.

While I was wearing the dress, I was seated in a waiting room next to a young woman who liked the dress and asked if it came from Anthropologie. That was nice.

In the last couple of weekends I have done a lot of sewing:

  • Burda Chill dress in the shirt length out of a lovely black linen (still needs hemming)
  • Simplicity 9305 in a gold velour (also needs hemming)
  • McCalls 2357 in a disappointing black ponte with Disconium detailing
  • A tiny top hat and a beret from left-over Disconium, a small cape, a shrug from an internet tutorial, and a muslin for the primary Disconium garment.
  • Resized Chibi, which was nerve-wracking but worked pretty well. I think I still need a padded wig cap for it, however, because my hair is very short and very fine and the back of the wig is and looks hollow when it should look full of hair. I had to remake the pony tails, which look terrible. I should figure out a way to secure the wig head to a table which might make it easier to re-style the wig.

The 2357 fits pretty well and I might make it again in a nicer ponte. I took out the zipper, leaving the back neck yoke open so I can get it on and off. I used hooks & eyes to close the neck, but the lower one is placed poorly and pops open when I sit down. I’ll have to fix that.

9305 fits very well and looks reasonably like the inspiration dress, but feels basically like a very fancy bathrobe. I should make it in a lighter-weight fabric for a nice summer flopping around the house dress.

I’ve been riding Linus as per usual and am very excited by all the projects I’ve managed to finish.




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