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Tuesday Aggravation

Both bikes were out of commission this morning: Linus because of a completely-flat-won’t-hold-air-tire; Giant because of a completely-rusted-looks-like-an-abandoned-bike-chain. I swear, I’m thoroughly incompetent; every class I’ve taken and everything I’ve read says “chain maintenance is easy” and every winter, this happens to Giant.

I ended up changing completely out of my Outlier pants and tank top when I got to work, instead of changing from tank top to Ureshii Molly top. I just did not feel like wearing what I had on. That’s why I keep the incredibly basic and comfortable Misook tank dress in the office–it’s so basic and comfortable, it’s hard to feel cranky with it once it’s one, but it’s also so basic, I don’t miss having it in my closet at home (where I also have one or two black sheath dresses that stand in for it just fine). Unfortunately, the neckline of the Molly top does not work over the tank dress, so I wore the office cardigan. It was fine.




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