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Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Cat, standing on the hand-sewing. She was also pouncing on the thread when it moved.

We had a lunch date Saturday; we watched the Pride Parade from the balcony on Sunday; Friday, I did some chores, some handsewing, finished the hat, and we drank a lot of sparkling wine in honor of the civil rights advancement by the Court on Friday.

For lunch, I wore the grey Eileen Fisher perfect dress, although it was a bit warmer than anticipated. I was still comfortable.

simp9305Another round of vintage patterns arrived, distracting me from the half-finished projects already in the sewing room (the hostess pyjamas–will definitely have to do a better version of those, if I have a cocktail party–; the muslin for 1973 Simplicity 5914; the Disconium dress–both the toile and the actual dress–; the linen pullover kimono blouse; the linen slip dress; some mending). But the fabric store could not ship most of the things I’d intended to purchase for the patterns, so I’m okay for now? Maybe. This weekend we have a lot of Spring Cleaning planned. Then there’s a weekend we have to go help my mother with some things. Then there’s the beach. Time compresses.



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