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Monday, One Step Back


Secretary skirt in plum bamboo.

Yet again, I failed to adhere to a spending ban and I bought two skirts (one sample and one that was on sale) with a weekend coupon code at Ureshii. I’m looking forward to getting them, but now I am worried about what tops I have that I can pair with them, especially as it’s getting warmer.

For work today, I wore an white t-shirt with a seam down the back and a scooped hem and the navy blue Misook pencil skirt. A thunderstorm broke out when I was about 3 miles from home, so I was completely soaked by the time I got home. Smiling, but soaked. Fortunately, the wind stopped when the rain started and there was no hail.

I redeemed credit card points for a gift card that I’m going to use for fabric. I have a pattern to make a hooded dress that I’m excited about and I picked up a pattern for a skirt that I want to use my disconium fabric for. But I’m definitely trying to do one pattern at a time. So I need to finish the linen Simplicity 5914 before starting anything else. And, really, I need to stop buying fabric.


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