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Monday, Pretty Chilly

Although we started to get sunny and warm last week, the weather took a big dip over the weekend and highs today (near the Lake where I stay during the week for the most part) won’t hit 60.

I’m wearing the Misook pencil skirt (in black) with the light grey Trouvé sweater. I really like this sweater and the other Trouvé sweater I kept. It’s got me thinking about the last several clothing purchases I made and wondering whether I like them so much because “novelty” or because they really suit me more than things I’ve been passing over in my closet.

I own too many clothes and many I rarely wear. While I started cataloging my outfits with the intention of ridding myself of things I never wear, it has not quite worked out that way. I do have a couple bags of things to go to the Goodwill, and I sent about a dozen things to LikeTwice for selling (I think I got $15–but it’s not really useful for me as I don’t tend to shop at the retailers they deal with and I rarely get rid of things in the first year I have it. I generally get more wear out of my clothes as I have gotten better about returning or not making bad purchases).

The best dress I've ever owned.

The best dress I’ve ever owned.

Nonetheless, the two Eileen Fisher dresses, the one Eileen Fisher sweater, and these two Trouvé sweaters seem to be getting a lot of rotation. I’m fairly certain the two dresses will have longevity–particularly the grey dress with thumbloops. This weekend, I traced it and searched the internet for a good tutorial on making the cuffs. Once the M&M trapeze dress is finished, I’m going to toile my attempt at a pattern. I don’t have a source for fabric nearly as nice as the jersey of which the dress is made, but I think I can make a reasonable facsimile to out into the rotation.  If Eileen Fisher offered it in another color, I’d certainly have bought it as well.

I have gotten more disciplined about putting things directly into a donate bag when I put them on and immediately hate how they look. I am trying to do the same anytime I get home from work, having felt awkward or uncomfortable in something all day long. So far, the uncomfortable category has been primarily bras, but the awkward category has included a few sweaters that are just too short.

It’s spring; I guess in general it feels like a time to be rid of things!

Burda Cabexas belt_original_largeNaturally, then, I picked up a couple Burda patterns (despite my poor track record with print-at-home tiled patterns). I think this belt will be a good match for the trapeze dress. There’s certainly enough of the twill left, but I think there’s also some things in the upholstery and silk remnants which would work nicely. I also grabbed a simple skirt pattern. If I ever get around to making up the knit pencil skirts I have in mind, I might get around to making a woven skirt. Maybe.



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