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Once Again, the Weekend Slips by Me

Let’s see, over the weekend I got my haircut and we ran errands, went to the brewpub off the alley, grabbed brunch to go from a place that was way more busy than we expected it to be, and relaxed as per usual.

I wore the NYDJ black pants and the poor-quality American Apparel t-shirts layered with my red hooded raincoat on Friday. I wore the purple cowl dress on Sunday. For errands, I wore the wine-colored NYDJ jeans and the Halogen cashmere sweatshirt, but I’m having trouble remembering what I wore to the brewpub.

I accidentally threw the cashmere sweatshirt into the washing machine on the delicate cycle. It seems to have come through okay–a little tighter in the wrists and though I’m worried about the stress to the fibers, no piling or stretching.

I nearly finished the trapeze dress, but stopped short of hemming it. The sleeve caps are not at all smooth–I really don’t know how people manage to get sleeve caps smooth. The instructions tell you to pull the stitches (which they all refuse to call gathering stitches) in order to ease the cap into the armscye (“without creating folds!” these instructions helpfully suggest) but I can’t figure out how you do that without making gathers that show.

I think I’ll make an obi-style belt for the dress. I wonder if I have a nice coordinating fabric somewhere in the quilting cottons? I think I’ll like it more than I expected to–although a loose-fitting dress in a stiff pink fabric is well outside my usual style, so maybe in the end I’ll feel awkward wearing it? Next year, when I have money in the fabric line of my budget again, I’ll try it in a softer fabric.



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