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Thursday, End of the Week

Po Campo Armitage satchel,  strapped to Linus' rear rack, at the university.

Po Campo Armitage satchel, strapped to Linus’ rear rack, at the university.

It was in the 40’s this morning and I foolishly thought I could ride on the Lakefront. The cyclists and runners were not big deal but there were so many !%@#!^#^ cars on the trail. I counted about 8, which was more than I passed on the road to the trail. It was so gross.

I’m wearing the Misook pencil skirt and the Eileen Fisher peridot sweater, with tights and the Fluevog Sharons. I wore gloves and my Betabrand reflective scarf for warmth on the ride in.

Ended up meeting some friends out later. I changed into a black t-shirt layered over a very long grey camisole, the short black tube skirt and a deep red pair of tights.


Fluevog Adrian Alli

Fluevog Adrian Alli



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