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The Last Five Days

Let’s see. Over the weekend, we went to the gym and I ran an errand. My husband also dragged me out into the glorious spring weather to have lunch on a patio (we ended up inside, instead, by the glorious open picture windows). For that, I wore a cheap-o H&M tube skirt (quite short, black, a surprisingly substantial stretch jersey) over legging with various t-shirts.

H&M Basics jersey skirt.

H&M Basics jersey skirt.

I spent Friday with my mother and one of her sisters who was passing through. I wore a different cheap-o H&M tube skirt (almost knee-length, a grey/white speckled fabric, in an equally-surprisingly-substantial stretch jersey) with a black t-shirt, a black cotton crew neck cotton sweater and my wool cape. I had to ditch the layers over the day, but I needed them again for the long slog home. (The suburban train was delayed, which meant I missed the last express bus home, but I failed to notice and then eventually gave up and took a cab).

Thursday, I biked to work but I’m struggling to recall what I wore–the Eddie Bauer button down shirt with the short Misook black skirt and tights. Wednesday, I was at home all day, although I went over to my sister’s to babysit, which I did in the Icebreaker drawstring skirt and a crewneck grey jersey t-shirt.

On Friday, we stopped at a department store where I have a gift card to spend and I went looking for new bras. The saleswoman saw I had a bunch of wirefree bras and swooped me into the dressing room, insisting that if I just wore the right size underwire, I’d love it. She measured me (surprise! I am wearing the right size) and brought me a bunch of wire bras (even “sister sizes”)–every single one of them felt like I had a rigid piece of wire, under my breasts, rubbing against my ribcage, which–you know–I did. I was really annoyed at the end of it and should have just gone back on the floor and grabbed myself the wide variety of non-wired bras they had.

It’s frustrating because wireless bras for the most part, now, have non-articulated cups that either give a person uni-boob or have no substance to their construction which means you don’t have a good shape in them either. Bras did not used to be like that. I went through my 20’s wearing push-up bras without wires. So, in a fit of pique when I got home, I ripped all the wires out of my bras.

I’m going to see how they wear, feel and look all week. I first thought I’d need to add something (a bit of elastic, some twill tape) to make up for the loss of the wire, but I’m beginning to suspect that I won’t need to. That bras will be comfortable, functional and perfectly supportive once I’ve removed all their !%@$^%!&*&^ wires. We’ll see.

shinyThat was more or less the only sewing I did, thanks to the spontaneous spring luncheon (although I did add snaps to the crotches of the Halloween leotards). Not sure I did it in the best or most efficient way, but they work and that’s what matters. Now all I have to do is finish the wig and I’m set!


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