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Friday, Tulips, Booze and Costumes

TulipsandBoozeI put on the NYDJ black pants, one of the nau recycled snap tops and took my rolly-cart to the booze monger. Picked up six bottles of booze, some cherries and bitters and rolled them home.

I finished the Debbie Harry as Black Canary jacket today. I’m not exactly thrilled with it–all I can see are the flaws–but it’s done and serviceable for a costume. I’m unlikely to make the jacket again–even if I correct the mistakes, it’s not a style I have much use for or interest in.

NotFitted Flaw one: When I added the inch for ease across the shoulder, I did not bother to check where the sleeve cap would lie and, of course, it’s about 1/2 an inch too low on each arm. This is the glaring error I see everything I look at the jacket. Flaw 1-A is failure to ease the sleeve caps evenly.

Flaw two: Facings. I picked a bad fabric for the collar facings, put them in too quickly, and when they were a mess, could not be bothered to unpick them and start over. There is no close-up of what I did to make the neck part of the facing less terrible because it’s a complete hack job. Fortunately, you can’t see it when the jacket is on.

Flaw three: I (intentionally) skipped the waist gathers under the bustline to make the jacket more boxy and less fitted, but I’m not sure it was successful. I should have also shortened the ties to match, which I can still do that and probably will.

Flaw four: I (intentionally) did not follow the instructions for turning under the facing on the waist piece, slipstitching it and making the edges pretty. This is less a “flaw” and more a lazy finish. If I cut the ties off, it won’t matter.

In terms of the costume, the sleeves are too long, but October is cold in Chicago and I probably won’t shorten them.


Jacket on dressmaker dummy.


Showing the lining and the terrible facing.

Showing the lining and the terrible facing.

Inside from the outside:


How the terrible facing looks when the jacket is worn.




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