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Wednesday, Home

I worked from home, in pyjamas, with a cat in my lap all day.

shinyThe bodysuits for the Halloween costume arrived. They are leotards, technically, not bodysuits, so they need some alteration before they’ll be suitable (basically, they need snaps added to the crotch, so one need not disrobe entirely in order to use the bathroom. As I suspect the outfit will travel to at least one bar, this is essential). I’m not entirely sure the best way to do this; I will probably just hack something out. I think I have some snaps in the boxes of stuff.

My sewing room is a complete mess because I have too much fabric. This weekend, I need to sort through it and store some of it (like the left overs from the jacket lining, the rejected golds and things I’m now wondering why I bought in the first place) in long term storage places, rather than in my cabinets. I also need to complete some projects!



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