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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

wigFriday, I got my hair cut, then ran a couple errands, in the Icebreaker zen skirt, and a long-sleeved black t-shirt. I also wore the Fluevog Sharons and a lovely green scarf.

At home, in my pyjamas, I worked a little on the Debbie Harry is The Black Canary Halloween costume. I have this incredibly cheap-ass blonde wig–it’s too long and boasts about half as many wefts as it needs to cover your scalp. I removed a couple of the lower wefts and moved them higher. Eventually, I’ll sew in some black wefts (when they arrive from where I’ve ordered them) to make the two-toned Debbie Harry hair everyone remembers. There are cheap-ass-wig blonde hairs everywhere in my sewing room because after I trimmed the length, I sewed the trimmings into additional wefts to beef up the bangs and the overall thickness.

It was about as tricky as I expected to turn the trimmings into wefts and I was not as careful as I should have been. Frankly, I was too excited and having too much fun.

jacketSaturday, we took a nice walk. Again I wore the IB zen skirt with my newest Nau zip-neck merino t-shirt. On Saturday (and on Sunday), I also worked on the costume jacket, which I’m making from 1974’s Simplicity 6658.  When I tested the pattern, I added about an inch to the center back. The jacket has an open front, but was still a bit tight across the shoulder. It was an easy  fix to just add width to the back, since the front need not close. The fabric is a stretch cotton, so I’m not too worried about the sleeve, for once.

I’ve lined it in an itchy, stretchy blue gauze with a glitter floral pattern, even though the pattern is unlined. I think it will work out okay–the lining will get stitched down at the sleeve and under the collar facing, but I’ll leave it loose at the bottom. I started to make a bias binding for the bottom of the lining out of the canary yellow satin that I’m using for the boot pieces but then I remembered how much I hate making bias binding and used some black satin binding I bought from the store.

I had pinned the collar in place before I realized that I had missed one of five pattern pieces for the waistband and both facings. The written directions were . . . vague about the facings and the tie around the waist, so I did not notice I was missing three pieces until I tried to pin the rest of the jacket together.



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