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Friday, I played around with my muslin for the Merchant & Mills Trapeze dress. As promised on the envelope, the dress is simple and basically, a triangle-shaped sack with a lovely sleeve. It’s not precisely shapeless–in fact, it has a particular and obvious triangle shape–rather, it is entirely unfitted and hangs away from the body with no waist or hip definition, which is entirely unlike nearly everything I wear. I was, therefore, not sure how often I would wear a finished dress from the pattern. I tried adding darts, as well as bringing in the side seams through the waist, neither of which I really liked. The sleeve fit pretty well, so I’m not sure I’d want to size down, even though there was plenty of room through the bust to do so. It’s definitely too long.

So, I’m on the fence. It sewed up quickly and easily and even in the muslin fabric, looks like a nice dress. But it’s not precisely my style. But it will be lovely in linen and nice in the warmer weather (with a short sleeve or sleeveless).  There’s a silk version on the internet–and several pictures of people belting it. But I can’t decide. I suspect it’s a lot like good, classic higher end clothing–the entire point is the quality of the fabric and I’d be very happy with this dress made in a wool or silk or blend that’s $30/yard.

CSequinOn Saturday, we played games all day with friends. I wore the H&M striped sweater with the Nau M1 dress in black. Sunday, I screwed around with some Letterman letters I’m making as a joke (sequin trim is annoying) and cut the toile for my Halloween costume jacket.

The weather is bouncing back and forth between cold enough to snow, still, and warm enough to run across the street in a sweater.



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