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Thursday, Suit.

JCrewCutOutSuitDressWe have a thing at work, so I’m wearing my new J Crew suit. I think the dress is slightly baggy across the waist and I think the jacket is slightly tight in the upper arm. Such is what happens when you’re not bespoke, but I could not find a single local suit-maker that makes women’s suits and I feel the urge to use an expletive in their general direction.

It’s a lovely dress, however. And the jacket is pretty nice. It did take forever for me to get a reasonable suit, however. I was not limiting myself to sales or expecting to spend only $200. My shape does not deviate much from straight-sizes in ready-to-wear (although I do need to buy suits as individual pieces as my top and bottom are generally different sizes). It was an incredibly frustrating process.

lapisI’m also wearing a really pretty lapis lazuli necklace my father brought home from Chile. It was a whole set: necklace, bracelet, earrings, which my sister and I shared for a while, but has since come to be mine in its entirety. I don’t think I’ve ever worn the earrings, though.



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