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Tuesday, Sigh

All the idiots are out. Look, lady, just because you make eye contact does not make it safe or LESS RUDE to run your dog’s leash directly across the path of three runners while you step in front of me. I’m not going more than 6-7 mph, but I’ve got 40 pounds of metal and many many more pounds of bone that will hurt you.  Just !^@$!$% wait until it’s clear to cross. You’re not the most important person in the world.

16153798534_c0b69133c6_z Sigh. This week is the worst. Also, I hemmed these pants too short and I hate it every single time I wear them, which I do, because they are comfortable.

Grey NYDJ ponte pants; white Halogen cashmere sweatshirt, red Ureshii singlet and my old Doc oxfords.



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