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Tuesday, Wet, Cold, Grey

Cold drizzle and a nontrivial headwind this morning made the ride in very long but pretty isolated. It was my only day to commute by bike this week (and last week, too, I think), so I took it.

My Outlier pants did not bead the water, which means I need to refresh them, I guess? Care instructions just say to put them in a medium dryer. As a person who puts only sheets and towels in even a warm dryer, I don’t like the idea of throwing $200 pants in a hot dryer. But they’re not keeping my legs dry in a light drizzle, so needs must–well, maybe not. The website also recommends using an iron to restore the water resistance. I really wish I had a second pair, but I honestly need to spend no money on clothes or sewing for the rest of the year. There’s a challenge.

Fortunately, I had fresh tights and a dress (the old version of the Misook tank dress) in the office. So I put that on and then put my sweater (the grey M2 from Nau) over it.

JCrewCutOutSuitDressI returned the last piece of suiting that did not work out. The upshot of that experience is a JCrew suit which seems just as nice as the Theory suit (although the Theory jacket without the button was sharper than either the Theory jacket with the button or the JCrew jacket), but fit better. We’ll see how well (and how long) it wears. And the Austin Reed dress which is a hair tight but that I did not bother the hassle of returning, given the cost of return and the cost of the dress. We’ll see if I get back to last year’s size and if it fits then because, frankly, most things in my closet are a hair tight right now, which make the challenge to spend no money on clothes or sewing for the rest of the year more challenging.

Still, I think I’m going to try. Wills gave me the better size in my transitional raincoat for Christmas and I got a warm weather raincoat on sale. I also have a really good suit now, and replaced the office flats, as well as filled in a few other obvious gaps. I repaired the hell out of my balaclava and won’t need new merino liner gloves, theoretically, until next year. There’s always things I want, but there will always be things I want.


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