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Saturday, Sunday, All Tired Out

I met up with some friends on Saturday night and had a great time. Nonetheless, I still had hangover cranky from what had been a busy and frustrating week. We’re in the oddly fortunate position of being able to pay a veterinarian lots of money to sort out why one of our cats has regular skin lesions (which become infected)–it’s allergies, apparently, but the various things we’ve tried so far have done little to improve the break-out cycle. He does not seem to be in much discomfort, but it’s frustrating, and expensive, and the new medicine is apparently really gross and bitter, so he ends up running around the house foaming at the mouth like a rabid thing. It’s distressing.

fancyclosetAt any rate. I had fun hanging with my friends (I wore the JJill dropwaist dress and Eileen Fisher sweater again), but mostly I was tired and cranky over the weekend. I did put some contact-brand-shelf-liner paper on the walls in my closet to make it fancy. I hope it holds up because I’m pretty happy with how it turned out–even if my measure twice; cut once skills are lacking.

I pawed through the fabric stash on Sunday, before working on the closet, to see what I wanted to do next, but did not come up with a solid plan. This weekend, I’m going to finish the pyjamas and test out the 7673 muslin again.

This weekend, I discovered Merchant and Mills and am in a sad, sad state of desire. The catalog is extremely appealing, even if I know that the unfitted styling of the patterns would not suit me. That said, I bought the Trapeze dress from an US retailer and may ask my sister to pick up the Park Lane for me, when she goes to London this fall (assuming we don’t go, too). Perhaps I’ll use the blue and white cotton for it.


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