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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike


I cut and sewed most of the kitchenette/hostess pyjamas and now I am mad at the internet. I based my size choice on the finished garment measurements, as suggested, which gave me the a size which is 2-3 sizes smaller than my bust measurement would have me choose. The tissue fitting seemed snug, so I went up a size. The next tissue fit seemed better, so I forged ahead.

Big mistake. This is not a garment which is supposed to be fitted.

weepocketsYou may recall, the pattern has six inches of ease built in and I ended up making the size that gives me gives me 3-4 inches of ease, based on finished garment and body measurements. My initial quick fit of the almost-finished garment left me thinking “there’s a reason this pattern is cut to be loose”. I was annoyed at the thought that I’d wasted my fabric and stopped there. I’ll get back to it soon, but I was annoyed and disappointed, so I stopped.

But, hey, the wee little pockets are cute and it fits, if not as generously as something called “pyjamas” should. I may still make it in something with more drape than cotton–like a silk or a polyester charmeuse–in the expected size.

NYDJportwineFor the rest of the weekend, I did some household chores, played some games and listened to the terrible noises the furnace for the common areas of our condo building was making. It was, again, frigid outside, but I left the house all three days of the weekend. On Friday, I walked to the coffee roaster and to the bahn mi shop and I basically wore my long undies, yoga pants, sweater, cardigan and ankle-length overcoat. On Saturday, we went to the pet store and liquor store and I wore long undies, my wool cardigan (the zipper front one from Marshall Fields), the Ibex wool skirt and boots. On Sunday, I rode my bike to the Home Depot for more paint samples and wore my NYDJ wine colored jeans, a smartwool t-shirt and a different wool cardigan (the shawl collar one from H&M)



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