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Monday, Biking on the Moon

It snowed just a little yesterday, not enough for the roads to need plowing (the traffic, even on the side streets, as well as whatever salt is down already was enough to keep them clear), so I took a chance on the trail and rode Giant in. Everything was fine–if sloppy–until the 0.7 miles from the pedestrian underpass at the Chess Pavilion to the pedestrian underpass where I leave the trail for the roads. That was passable only on foot, except for brief stretches:

Oak Street Beach

What you can see under the snow is not pavement, but ice. The Lake really has taken over this winter.

I wore the Ibex thick wool skirt, with the new Nau zip neck top, with my Icebreaker pants and knit jacket for riding. Well, and my balaclava, skull cap, goggles, woolen knee socks, lobster gloves and overcoat.


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