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We stayed in this weekend. Well, I went over to my sister’s for cocktails on Friday (Wills was not feeling well), but for the rest of the incredibly frigid weekend, we stayed in.

1930s kitchenette pyjamasI cut out the 1930’s hostess pyjamas from Decades of Style. All the reviews say to choose your size based upon the finished garment size, as there’s about six inches of ease built into the garment, making it rather loose fitting. After tissue fitting, I went with the size that gives me 3-4 inches of ease. I don’t intend to use it as an out-of-the-house garment, but if I’m happy with it, I may make it in a fancier fabric for wearing when there are people over.

I suspect I might have been happier cutting the pants more generously. There’s only a 3/8th inch seam allowance, so there’s not much wiggle room. However, the reviews also note that the crotch is low and a but droopy, which is not a modern sensibility at all and may make a larger size pant less of a good idea. I could cut the legs wider in a later version, while trying to keep the crotch the same, I think.

Decades of Style have only very basic instructions in them, compared to both modern patterns and the 60’s & 70’s vintage mass market patterns I’m used to working with. We’ll see how it goes–I mean, I know how to make a seam, and I basically know how to join pieces in an order than makes things easier. Also, there’s not really a “wrong” way to do some things, as much as there is an efficient or simple way and a difficult way. I’ll probably end up cutting some bias for the neckline and I’ve already fudged the ankle band (the design on the fabric would have been sideways, if I’d cut the bands along the grainline as the pattern indicated). But I am a little wary of joining the top to the bottom without illustrated instructions and, again, reviews thought that you should wait until the end to add the sash.

After last weekend’s copied Eileen Fisher dress and the endless revisions of the Simplicity 7673, I wanted to actually finish another project, to regain confidence and stop feeling like all that fabric and those patterns are going to waste.

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