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Friday, So

I stitched up the new muslin for the 7673. It’s better, but the sleeve still feels slightly awkward. I wonder if it’s because I have not worn anything, other than an overcoat, with sleeves, without stretch in the fabric, in over a decade. I’m thinking through everything in my closet and everything, even my jackets, have some stretch in the fabric. I can lift my arms, but there is pulling and some lifting of the hem when I do. That’s normal, right?

It’s not constricting and not tight across the back, but I wish I had a picture of where on the body a properly fitted raglan sleeve is supposed to sit. Searching the internet has not been productive–I really ought to get a good book.

I cut it with a short sleeve this time (to spare the scraps) but I think I like it better this way.

theoryLaniUrbanIn other news, I have an unexpected job interview, so that suit (which in any event won’t be here in time) would really have come in handy. Fortunately, I also ordered something from the less steeply discounted Theory sale at Bloomingdales. Likely it won’t fit, but it will be here Monday.



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