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Monday, Ice Ice Ice

Went to the gym yesterday (after an extended holiday hiatus) and I am really feeling it in my post-physical-therapy elbow. Time to ramp up the home therapy exercises, not just the flexibar every other day.

Rode Giant in this morning, as it was wet and cold all weekend and expected to snow lightly this afternoon. The path was mostly clear, but there were two places where the ice is already treacherous and I am a touch worried about the ride home.

HalogenCashmereSweatshirtI was warmer than need be in my hat and balaclava, car coat, Icebreaker jacket, scarf and lobster gloves. I could not find the Icebreaker pants this morning, so I had some wool long underwear layered over my merino tights. Having stripped off the layers, I’m spending the workday in the TopShop midi in burgundy with the Halogen cashmere sweatshirt.

My new office flats arrived over the weekend, but  I did not try them on, so I’m wearing the old beat up ones, having also taken off my snow boots.


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