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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Tuesday, Tuesday

I was overdressed for the ride in and the ride home, but for the ride home my hands were cold. I rode Giant because of a chance of flurries (which did not happen) and forgot the tail light this time. It’s always something.

There were about three times as many other riders than I’ve seen all month. One was quite taken with the Dargelos vest. I’m very glad I have the older version, which is a tighter weave than the new version.

I wore the Lands End 3/4 sleeve cowl neck dress and a new shawl collar cardigan from JJill, wool tights and boots. I changed out of the boots into my office flats, which are sadly disreputable, but I’m not interested in replacing because I don’t think ballet flats are particularly cute, nor particularly comfortable, just expedient. But with cost per wear and number of times I need or just want to change out of my boots in the office, it would be prudent to replace them.


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