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Monday, Defeat!

Today I learned that I cannot simultaneously run the space heater and the iron in the sewing room.

I also completely failed to make the Simplicity 7673 fit properly. raglanbroadThe bust adjustment seemed to work nicely, but the dress still pulled significantly across the back shoulder and through the armpit at the front, making it difficult to raise my arm completely. So I tried a square shoulder/broad shoulder adjustment.

The result? Raglan seams in the wrong place on my chest, puckering and the same tightness across the back and through the front armpit. It fit worse than it did before I tried to correct it!

Fortunately, I found the pattern one size up on Etsy for $7.99 and it should be on its way to me in a day or two.

It seems more and more like a fluke that the Simplicity 9204 fit right out of the sleeve.


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