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Saturday, Dinner; Sunday, Sewing

On Saturday, we went to a birthday dinner after running some errands. For errands, I wore the TopShop midi in black with the JJill black and white sweater. For dinner, I wore the Trouve coated sweater (in black) with the TopShop midi dress and the ruby & diamond cocktail ring.

TrouvéCoatedSweaterThe fit on the sweater is less than perfect and if I were really truly hewing to the idea that I should have nothing in my closet that I don’t love, I would not have kept it. The knit is soft on the inside but the coating on the outside is really stiff. It adds a lovely sheen to the sweater. I like the low-high hem and the sleeve length is good, but the armholes are high and tight (no pulling however) and the body is very boxy. It’s a cut for teenagers and I really need to stop trying to wear it.

On Sunday, we stayed home and I gave up trying to understand the instructions for adjusting a raglan shoulder and just slashed and spread the pattern. I cut all the pieces but did not stitch it.

As I was digging through the closet, looking for sufficient fabric to cut the new toile, I discovered a whole stack of fitting muslins. I’m not sure what to do with them. I don’t need that many rags! I wonder if the pet shelter would take them for bedding?


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