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Friday, Chores

Cleaning, polishing, waterproofing the boots.

Cleaning, polishing, waterproofing the boots.

Cleaned and polished and re-waterproofed the boots this morning. Also renewed my lawyer registration. Then I cleaned up a couple places where papers collect in my house. Set aside a pile for the high speed scanner at work (and shredder), dumped a bunch in the recycle bin at home, put together the charity receipts for taxes (soon!).

I’m in houseclothes (that awesome, repeatedly repaired wool sweater I bought for $6 at the Gap and leggings), but I may change later if we have birthday cocktails for my sister.

The sun is out and the snow is melting a little; all three cats are curled up around the sewing/sunroom and it seems like a good day, indeed.


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