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Thursday, It’s Warmer

Rode the Giant in to work today–it’s getting less weird to swap back and forth–forgot to finish filling the tires, so I was slow. Also, there’s quite a bit of rust all over the poor thing. Starting to worry that I’ve not taken good care of either bike. This weekend is supposed to be even warmer, so I’ll probably do a bit of maintenance.

Of course, that means another weekend without progress in the sewing room, which is a little disheartening. It will be spring before my corduroy dress is done at this rate.


Torch helmet, Dargelos lightning vest, lobster gloves: must be winter bike commuting!

I wore the green Etsy dress with leggings (it really is too short for work). I layered a pair of skiing tights–some sort of technical fabric (nearly all of my ski clothes are wool; these tights and a couple of Nau shirts made of recycled plastics are the only ones that are not)–and a wool hoodie over it for the ride. I figured it was a lighter layer than the wool pants, but I over-heated both directions.

This has been the worst winter for me not dressing properly to ride. After the first few rides when my hands never warmed up, I’ve been overdressed every ride. At least there was no real wind today and the path was quite clear. I also forgot my front Knog light but we’re already past the point in winter where it’s dark when I leave work (even before 4:30). I have my Torch, of course, but I probably would have been fine without any lights.



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