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Tuesday, Bike’s Better

All’s good on the bicycle front, but I took the bus today because I’ll be at work late. Also, yesterday was a difficult ride and thus today I was lazy.

T. Tahari Macey jacket with faux leather trim and quilting detail.

T. Tahari Macey jacket with faux leather trim and quilting detail.

I’m wearing the lovely Tahari jacket with quilting detail and leather accents. As happens every time I need to wear a suit, I try on and reject lots of things in my closet. I ended up pairing the jacket with the navy Calvin Klein column dress, which is looking a little shopworn, and has me wondering is I should make up the DKNY pattern in a nice navy knit to replace it (apparently, I’ve changed my opinion of how that dress looks). I put on the fancy necklace, took out the nose ring, and wore my law school watch. I imagine I’m a base-level of professional-looking, but I don’t like being so self-conscious.

Randomly, I discovered a great sale at the Austin Reed website and ordered a suit at nearly 70% off. Hopefully, it fits and looks good and solves this “I have no appropriate suits, just some nice, but random, separates” issue I have about once a month.



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