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Monday, Snow

I had a rude awakening this morning, when I discovered the chain on the Giant, which has better tires for snow, had almost completely rusted through while it was in storage. I rode Linus in, anyway, which was . . .  not great. About one mile of the Lakefront path had not been plowed–although I skidded several times, I stayed upright.

By the time I was headed home, that portion of the path had been plowed, but the winds had kicked up and more snow was falling. A completely different part of the path was littered with drifts and there was an impenetrable headwind. I walked for significant stretches of the four miles home.

I was warm, however. For work, I wore the TopShop wool blend midi dress in grey under my new JJill Nordic sweater over some fleece tights. But for riding, I added one of the Smartwool long sleeve tees between the dress and the sweater and Icebreaker Rio pant. Topped with my Marc Jacobs car coat, it was enough clothes to keep me warm.

Then I took Giant to the LBS down the block where they replaced the chain and chatted with me about how to keep it properly cleaned and lubed.


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