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Saturday and Sunday Go Bye

GagaWigSaturday, I went to a first grade birthday party. I wore the TopShop Meadham Kirchhoff star sweater with the NYDJ pants. You’d think I was someone’s mommy. The kids loved the cheap knockoff of the Gaga wig (we had a photo booth)  which–after they ran around with it–looks even less like Gaga’s actual wig. When I get a moment, I’m going to try to style is a bit, maybe add some blonde to the fringe because that is some awfully harsh fringe.

Sunday, I started updating the clothing database and the spouse said he’d help me set up the SQL necessary to make tracking number of times worn much easier than it is. I also boxed up a bunch of stuff to send to LikeTwice and added some patterns to the pattern spreadsheet.

I hope to get some sewing in over next weekend–if I’m lucky.



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