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Tuesday, Sunny and Cold


Rode in this morning, which was nice, but frustrating because the last quarter mile at both ends is a slog. Linus was filthy by the time I got to work and although I tried to clean the slush off, I think I made a bit of a mess. I hate locking up outside in single digits because I get so cold unlocking, prepping, and then riding off.

I was over-dressed for the ride in, which did not bother me much because my hands stayed warm. I had on: tights, smartwool short socks, the NYDJ black ponte jeans, my Icebreaker Rio pants, the Merrell boots, an Icebreaker longsleeve t-shirt, the Smartwool Maroon Bells henley (which is one of the two warmest sweaters I have), and the Uniqlo merino cardigan. I also wore my Icebreaker balaclava, cap and Torch helmet, along with my lobster gloves. Topped everything with the Kors grey wool car coat and wool scarf. I figured it was 5 degrees and I wanted to be warm, which I was. I had the coat unbuttoned about half-way there and could not wait to strip off some of the layers by the time I got my bike situated in the office.


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