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Monday, Welcome Back!

It’s about 2 degrees outside, with windchills 20 degrees below zero. I wanted to bike this morning (it was clear and sunny), but it’s my first day back in the office since December 18th, and I anticipated a long, draining day. Also, the snow was supposed to start before I would have gotten home. I feel bad that I did not bike–I biked in the Polar Vortex last year–but sometimes it’s actually less stressful to ride the CTA.

StJohnblackdressThat means I get to wear things that I prefer not to bike in–like my St John non-party dress. I love this dress (although, I note, the hem needs to be re-tacked). First, it’s that magnificent St John wool blend knit–soft, warm, comfortable, durable. The dress has a nice stand collar, some interesting seaming, is more or less straight with enough shaping at the waist to suit me, and falls just above the knee with a nice slit, so it may be vintage St John, but it’s not at all stodgy.

Today I wore it with the plum wool tights and the tall Merrells (there’s a lot of slush out there from some weekend snowfall) and it was a lovely ease back into work.


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