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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Monday, Tailwind

When there’s no headwind, I love riding in the rain. I wore the new-from-eBay accoustic pant in a more reasonable size for riding and stayed warm and dry. At work, I changed into the rust-colored NYDJ pants that need serious hemming. Unfortunately, my Hunters are not good for biking–they’re not bad, but I don’t feel quite as secure on the pedal as I should in them.

Paired it all with the Halogen cashmere sweatshirt and a grey t-shirt.

Stopped in the department store to pick up pyjama bottoms and another yoga bra. Why are pyjama bottoms all so loud? Or animal print? or ugly? I finally found solid color pyjama bottoms (for $60) and instead bought a black pair with small white polka dots for about half that. If I’d planned ahead, I could have made some myself, but at least this worked out in the end.



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