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Weekend, Small Steps

I spent a lot of time in the sewing room. Repaired my balaclava, repaired a ’round-the-house shirt for Wills, tested the post-FBA non-hip-graded McCall 6355, finished the vintage Butterick 7896, finally pieced the post-FBA, post-minor shoulder adjustment vintage Simplicity 7673. I did not hem the new pants.

hoodThe Butterick 7896 is half-good, half-bad. I like the pattern enough to make it again, but the hem tape I used for the hem is too stiff and causes cabbage ruffles. I don’t know how successful I’d be in unpicking it, so I’m considering cutting it off with the rotary cutter and re-hemming. I’m afraid of losing too much length, however. The pattern also does not make a great hood, honestly. I was suspicious of the shape (which is just a very long cowl) and I was right: the lack of differentiation between back and front makes a less pleasing hood than either the McCardell Cloister dress or my Ureshii Leia hoodie. Not to worry, it’s wearable and comfy.

The 7673, however, still does not fit well. There are drag marks through the armpit and even though a raglan is supposed to give you better range of motion with a less precise fit, I can’t really raise my arms. There’s no more pulling across the back, so I think I’m on the right path with a broad shoulder adjustment (I know that a small square shoulder adjustment helps with most patterns), I just need to add more room. It will probably be spring before I get this dress done and then it will be all wrong for the season!


The Perrault (scotch, cognac, Benedictine, chocolate bitters) at Little Bad Wolf.

We had lunch later with a friend. I wore the Misook mini skirt over the quilted pleather leggings with a black t-shirt that has a long narrow V neck. Lunch was delicious; some people are lovely.



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