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Thursday, A Little Bit of Sun

I rode to work a bit late, following a conference call, and it was gorgeous.


I have three winter coats: the You Need A Coat weight; the It’s Cold weight; and the OMG Don’t Go Out There weight. (On OMG days, I bike in my ski shell over lots of layers because the OMG coat is too long to ride in comfortably). I planned to wear the Cold coat, but it lost a button as I was putting it on. So I wore the lighter coat. It was fine, actually.

I’ve got an Icebreaker long sleeve shirt on, with the Icebreaker jersey blazer, which is awesome. It’s not terribly structured (it won’t stand in for a suit) but it’s nicely tailored and a deep black. The collar feels like it has a light facing to keep it crisp, but I’m a little worried about washing it for fear of losing the crispness in the collar. Perfect for casual work places.



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