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Tuesday, Still Grey and Damp

I was over-dressed for the ride in because it’s warmed up a bit–it’s okay, though. I’m wearing the warm waterproof jacket as it’s more likely to rain than snow, but it’s a little heavy.

I’m wearing the Banana Republic black cashmere crewneck over an Icebreaker tank, which (to keep on theme) was too much for the ride in but is perfect for the office. I’ve got The Gap grey knit pencil skirt on. I’m sorry their “Dress Normal” ad campaign is being declared a disaster because they really are a great resource for work basics that stand up to washing and are not too expensive.

Vintage Vogue 7123

Vintage Vogue 7123

Last night, I read through the envelope for Vogue 7123 and I think it might be a candidate for the 45″ moleskine that won’t work for the 60″-needing Ralph Rucci. I won’t have enough to make the jacket, but I could probably find a co-ordinating fabric later if I wanted to make the jacket.


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