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Monday, Grey and Wet

It’s grey and wet but not cold enough to be icy. Although the curve had frozen over Thanksgiving, it’s now passable, which is nice, since it’s a more direct path to work.

I rode to work in the Outlier pant (over tights) and an Icebreaker t-shirt and a red cashmere crewneck from Nordstrom’s housebrand Halogen. When I got to work, however, I noticed that the sweater really smells from the moth-kill. I don’t regret using pesticide on my wools because the cost of replacing everything would be impossible (and I have discovered moth holes in a few things that did not participate in the mothkill, namely my balaclava and a house sweater, so I really don’t regret making sure my St John and cashmere and merino dresses are safe) but I really wish I had a good way to make the lingering fumes disappear.

I was pretty wet when I got to work, so I changed into the Misook tank dress and a zip-front sweater I keep in my office for days when I need to change for some reason (there’s also a suit jacket, in case I forgot a meeting).


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