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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

The week has gone by.

Last week was crazy. I worked; went to a very fun charity thing; was sick; had good meetings at work; Christmas decorated; dealt with some stupid personal stuff; did some sewing; went to dinner.

I biked to work Monday and Tuesday, but not Thursday. I wore my new quilted pleather (a term they don’t use anymore in catalog descriptions) leggings, the St John pants, the mid-violet Ibex dress, the Alexandra Klym dress. I definitely wore more clothes this week, but frankly, it did not seem important to pay attention.

Stripe-matching on the front of the Butterick 7896.

Stripe-matching on the front of the Butterick 7896.

I nearly finished the Butterick 7896, but when I tried it on, I realized that I screwed up one of the steps in sewing the hood, leaving the side seams exposed when they should have been hidden. I also found the exposed seam (which would not have been hidden, even if I’d done it correctly) annoying, so I fashioned a half-assed lining, instead of hemming the sleeves and hem.

So far, I’m happy with the fit, but not happy with my fabric-matching on the back (the front turned out well, thankfully). If I make it again (and I probably will), I will likely cut on the fold and leave all the shaping to the darts. If I make it with a woven and it really needs a zipper, I’ll put an invisible one on the side. I don’t think I’ll make it with the hood, next time, however, as the hood shape is really odd.

I also tissue-fit McCall’s 6355, which I bought to replace a black tank dress my dad bought me when he visited me and my sister during my freshman year of college. I wore that dress into the ground. I wore it over fishnet sleeves to night clubs, under t-shirts to class, with a jacket to work, as a base layer over tights and under sweaters. It was a work horse and eventually, it fell apart. I’ve been shopping for a replacement ever since (about six years now) with no success (my Misook tank dress has taken its place for work, but nothing has stepped up for casual wear). I’ve often considered using the Misook as a pattern for a new casual-wear layering tank dress, but I went with this McCall’s pattern and a ponte knit from Vogue Fabrics for a couple reasons.

The McCall’s pattern has instructions (and cutting lines) for common alterations, per the Fit For Real People model, printed on the tissue and in the instruction book. This strikes me as a neat idea. I’ve already shortened the waist and done the full-bust. I had also graded from a smaller size on the top to a larger size at the hip, but my initial tissue fit indicated this was a mistake. We’ll see what happens next weekend.

I did not get around to hemming the new NYDJ, which really need it. Nor did I manage to organize the over-flowing fabric stash as I intended. So the new fabrics I bought are hanging out on the guest bed, where the cats nap. This is not ideal. I bought a beautiful navy moleskin, intended for the Ralph Rucci, but failed to notice it was only 45″ and the pattern requires 60″. At least it’s a fun problem to have.



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