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That’s a Lot of Days Off

I worked from home on Wednesday, after going to PT. Thursday, we had Thanksgiving at my parents. Friday, I stood in line for Bourbon County Stout. Uncharacteristically, I wore a lot of pants.

Saturday and Sunday, I worked on vintage Butterick7896Butterick 7896, which I’m making in a striped rayon jersey. I tissue-fit it, shortened the waist, lengthened the hem and then cut the jersey. It’s fairly sheer, so I cut interlining underlining[fn1] in a grey bamboo jersey.

This is such a time-consuming process and one in which I am not terribly skilled. Neither the front nor the back is cut on the fold (the pieces taper in at the front and center seams), so I cut four lining pieces and then used them to cut four fabric pieces. Each is a slightly different shape and size, alas.

The underlining process is a bear with these stretchy, slippery fabrics. Especially when the pieces are not quite all the same shape or size. Even more so when you forget to set your stitch properly. I always end up frustrated and unhappy with my abilities when I sew a knit, especially when I sew a knit that requires underlining.

The bamboo did not take marking well from chalk or pencil and the vanishing pen vanishes before I can use the marks. So I ended up marking the darts (four on the bodice, three on each sleeve) with a regular felt-tip pen.

It was fiddly and tiring, so I did not get much done. The front is pieced–I think I did okay matching the stripes. The back will wait for next weekend, though I’m sorry not to finish it today. It’s actually pretty quick project, but for the part where I can’t handle stretchy fabric and the extra work of cutting and underlining. If I’d used a sturdier knit or a woven, it would have been much quicker–though the woven probably would have needed the side zipper.

Of course, a woven would probably be more fitted–I expect there to be a bit too much ease with the knit. It’s gonna be nice, though, I think I’ll like it!

7896front[fn1] I’m not sure whether it’s “interlining” or “underlining”. You cut the pattern in the lining fabric, then use the lining pieces as your pattern to cut the fabric, then you stitch the lining to the fabric (within in the seam allowance) and sew the garment with the lined fabric as though it were normal fabric. It works very nicely, but I have lots of trouble getting everything to line up nicely when using those lovely knits.



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