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Wednesday, Discovery

I went to physical therapy, worked at home, and had dinner in the neighborhood. I wore layered cotton and modal leggings under the Smartwool sanitas skirt, with a cotton sweater over a modal cami. It’s the first time in weeks I’ve been outside not wearing mostly wool and I was cold.

I found a pattern at Eva Dress which I am sorry I did not know about 3 1/2 years ago when I was buying a dress for the cocktail reception we had to celebrate getting married:

Wedding Gown, circa 1935, reproduction pattern at Eva Dress

Wedding Gown, circa 1935, reproduction pattern at Eva Dress

I almost certainly could not have made it myself and would not have tried, but it would have been perfect and closely resembles the dress I used to doodle in my notes as a dreamy adolescent.

This reminds me that I’m planning to tackle one hard for me sewing project starting in January, with or without a class. Possibly the Vogue 1419 (the pattern company sewalong claims it’s “[not] particularly challenging sewing-wise, just maybe a little time-consuming”. But I did just find a good (on sale) fabric for the 1404, which is probably the same (time-consuming more than challenging. I already know how to quilt, which is probably the most fiddly part of this one).

Of course, I could try one of the Eva Dress patterns, which are challenging primarily because they are old fashioned patterns without the sorts of printed dart lines and piece-matching-notches I have always sewn with. I already have this Claire McCardell and think this evening gown would be fun, if an entirely useless addition to my wardrobe. But maybe I should just try the wedding gown, maybe shortened, I’d have a use for it?



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